ClearLeaf develops sustainable crop protection and improvement strategies that manage the impacts of harmful pests while maintaining natural balances on the farm, protecting farmers and consumers. Based on a USFDA registered technology, ClearLeaf’s innovative technologies have proven effective on a broad range of bacteria and fungi while remaining harmless to all other living creatures, thus protecting the environment, minimizing health risks, and optimizing farm profits.

ClearLeaf’s disruptive technology is easy to use, versatile and can be adjusted to any specific need in collaboration with clients. ClearLeaf currently has pre and post-harvest solutions for the coffee, banana, sugar cane, and flower sectors, and is working on pilots for pineapple, cannabis, citrus, grapes, and vegetables. In late 2020 ClearLeaf will launch a new line of products for easier, safer, and more cost-effective in vitro propagation. GotaBlanca has obtained organic certification in Europe (CE N° 889/2008), Japan (JAS/MAFF), and Costa Rica (MAG 29782).

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